RAUCH - IB f. elektrische Automatisierungstechnik

As an innovative company, we are committed to solving tasks in all areas of electrical engineering.


Future-oriented developments from a single source


Future-oriented developments from a single source


IB-Rauch für elektrische Automatisierungstechnik is active today in the field of electrical automation technology.

The company was founded in 1996, at that time by providing services with the repair of CNC-controlled machine tools and automation systems.

The main part of our services were initially electronics service activities for CNC-controlled machine tools and manufacturing plants as well as the planning, production and installation of electrotechnical equipment such as control cabinets for complex assembly plants.

Automation systems for customers in the automotive industry, pharmaceuticals, mechanical engineering and power plant manipulators were quickly built, leading to a constant expansion of business activities.

We manufacture according to your special requirements and take care of you from the inquiry
through problem solving to commissioning on site.


Machine Tool Repair

Troubleshooting and maintenance of computer-controlled machine tools from a wide range of manufacturers

PLC Programming

Programming, visualisation and commissioning of
automated controls for technical systems and machines of all kinds.

Electrical Construction

Planning and creating electrical engineering circuit diagrams and installation plans

Switch Cabinet Construction

Mechanical construction and the wiring of electrical components to form an entire functional unit

Installations and Cabling

Making electrical connections with the field devices and the control cabinet

Technical Documentation Creation

Writing and compiling technical operating instructions


If you want to automate a new machine or plant, we are your competent contact.

We also take on the planning and implementation of conversion measures.

Based on our experience, we place particular emphasis on adherence to deadlines and coordination.

Due to the diverse requirements our customers place on us, we have expanded and specialised our services over the years, so that today we are among the absolute specialists in the field of industrial plant automation.

A top team of engineers, technicians, electricians and electronics specialists plans the modernisation of your plants for you, creates the necessary software for this, builds the controls and installs the plants on site with subsequent commissioning and accompanying maintenance.


The references listed provide an insight into IB Rauch's diverse experience in electrical automation technology.

In the past 25 years, many projects have been realised, so the listing is a small excerpt of them.

FESTO, Esslingen

AIRBUS, Immenstaad on Lake Constance

MABE, Bermatingen

S-TEC, Friedrichshafen

ZF, Friedrichshafen

LOWAMA, Markdorf

Homburger GmbH, Markdorf

BEFA, Uhldingen-Mühlhofen

MTU, Friedrichshafen

TRW, Radolfzell

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